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[TUTO] – iPhone: Configure PPTP VPN on iOS


Yesterday I explained how to set up a VPN connection using PPTP with router EdgeRouter Lite from Ubiquiti.

Today, I will explain how to configure a PPTP VPN on iOS in order to connect to the VPN created previously. So you can have access to the remote network and depending on the performed configuration, you can also benefit from the remote public IP that will, according to your needs, access services located in France, if you are abroad.



Server side :

  • An EdgeRouter Lite
  • Dynamic IP
  • Local user account

Client side :

  • An iPhone
  • iOS 8.4
  • A 3G connection


Configuration in 5 pictures

Go to the menu settings then VPN


Select “Add VPN configuration”


Follow the order of the numbers on the capture below

1 : Sets the VPN type

2 : Description of your connection

3 : The public IP of your router or DNS name

4 : The created account on the router or on behalf of the domain if authentication radius

5 : Password of the account

6 : “ON” Enable the button to send all your information in the tunnel and benefit from the remote public IP

6 : “OFF” Disable the button to only reach the remote local network while keeping your current public IP

7 : Save your configuration


Click on the “Connect” button

You’re now connected to the VPN !

Click on the little “i” in front of the connection (see previous image) to have all the information of your current session

So you can see:

1: Connection type

2: The public IP of your router or the DNS name

3: The attributed IP on the local network and you’re done


Now you know how to configure a PPTP VPN on iOS!

Hoping this can be useful, feel free to make your comments/suggestions in the comments.


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