[TUTO] – GPO : How to allow remote connections RDS by GPO


We will see together in this tutorial how to allow remote connections RDS via GPO (Group Policy Object). When installing a new server, you won’t need to activate manually the ability to connect remotely but it will be done automatically by a GPO.

The Setup when this tutorial was conducted in a full Microsoft Windows Server 2016 environment.

Open the console “Group Policy Management”, create a new GPO, and then edit the.

You are at the level “Group Policy Management editor” of the console, then go to:

  • Computer Configuration
    • Administrative Templates…
      • Windows Components
        • Remote Desktop Services
          • Remote Desktop Session Host
            • Connections

Double click on the object “Allow users to connect remotely by using Remote Desktop Services…”.


Focus on the setting :


Click “Enabled” then confirm by “OK”.


Voila, you just have to apply this new GPO on a “UO” where you can find servers and it will be automaticaly possible to get a remote connection.

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