[TUTO]-AD GPO: How to delegate administrative rights on a GPO


We will see in this tutorial how to delegate administrative rights on a GPO for users who are not domain admin.

Open the Management console “Group Policy Management”. As part of the tutorial, we will use the “Test-delegation” GPO. Select it then go to the “Delegation” tab (on your right) and then click “Add …”.


Locate the user or group you want to assign rights to and then click “OK”.


Depending on your needs, you can give the following needs:

  •   Read: Read rights on the GPO
  •   Edit settings : Read and edit rights on the GPO
  •   Edit settings, delete, modify security : rights to read and edit but also delete and modify rights on the GPO

Click “OK” when you are done.


Preview the user or group you just added.


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