[TUTO] – WSUS : how to clean WSUS server


We will see in this tutorial how to clean WSUS server. Indeed all the updates expired and all revised updates can pollute your WSUS server. Perform these cleanings from time to time, you can find yourself in situations with inexplicable errors or significant delays.

In the case of this tutorial, it is a set up used by a standard SCCM standalone infrastructure WSUS server.


Go on the server that hosts the WSUS role then open the administration console and in the left menu, select “Options”. Then click the “Server Cleanup Wizard” option to start the cleaning process.


If your server has not been cleaned for some time, select only the first box “Unused updates and update revisions”. If you regularly clean, feel free to select all boxes at once. Click “Next” to continue and start the cleaning process.


Patience… patience… In my case, deleting took several hours…


Once completed, a report of the number of updates that have been deleted from your WSUS server is displayed.

You just have to click on “Finish” to complete.


If this isn’t done, repeat the operation by checking the other boxes to completely clean your WSUS server.


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