[TSHOOT] – SCOM 2016: Execution of user code in the .NET Framework is disabled


When you launch the console SCOM, this is impossible to do anything since the error next appears “Execution of user code in the .NET framework is disabled”.

We’ll see how to solve this incident very simply in this topic.



The problem has been experienced on a System Center Operation Manager 2016 infrastructure.



A POPUP appears with the following error message:

Execution of user code in the .NET Framewok is disabled. Enable “clr enabled” configuration option. Could not use view or function ‘dbo.fn_TemplateView’ because of binding errors.


In image.



Resolution / workaround

In order to resolve this incident, go to the server SQL which currently houses the base “OperationManager” (default name). Open a SSMS and then enter the following command:

sp_configure @configname = clr_enabled, @configvalue = 1


Close and then restart your SCOM console and verify that the issue is well resolved.