[TUTO] – Synology: Installation and first steps with Synology on a DS916 +.


Follower of the servers and NAS “home made”, I ended the leap and make my debut with Synology. We will see together in this tutorial which is also one of the first in this category, my first steps in the Synology world with the model DS916+.

The hardware installation is really simple and fast, I will not show it. So connect your NAS on your LAN, and follow these next steps.

By default, each Synology is set to DHCP, that is to say that once connected to the network, an IP address will be automatically assigned (you must have a DHCP server available on your network of course). Synology also offers us a very practical tool directly from their website in order to find your NAS.

Just visit : http://find.synology.com/


When your NAS is visible, click on “Connect”.


Go for your NAS configuration, launch it by clicking ‘Set up’.


Click on “Install Now” to start the installation of the latest version of DSM (this is the Synology OS).


Check the box “I understand that all data we thesis hard disks will be removed” and then click “OK”.


The current DSM installation…


Fill in the following information:

  • Server Name: The name of your future Synology NAS Server
  • Username: The login of the administrator user of the NAS
  • Password: The password of the account specified above
  • Confirm password: confirm the password a second time

Then click “Next” to continue.


The account has been set, click “Next” to continue.


This step will allow you to setup the updates and maintenance planning. For my part, I prefer control of OS updates, to do this select the third option “Download DSM updates and install them manually” and plan what days the updates will be downloaded but not be applied.

When it comes to maintenance tasks, let default.

Click “Next” to continue.


QuickConnect is also a service offered by Synology. This will allow you, if you don’t have a domain associated with your  public IP to to access your NAS from the outside via a personal URL easier to remember. Create a QuickConnect ID account by filling the various points below :

  • Email address : your email address
  • Password : The password of your QuickConnect access
  • Confirm Password : Confirm the password above
  • QuickConnect ID : Enter your ID QuickConnect (nickname for example)


Here is the method to access your NAS from QuickConnect.


Everything is now configured, you just launch your DSM.


Here is an overview of the web interface.


Your turn to play, we will meet soon for a new tutorial around the Synology world !


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