[TUTO] – Synology : How to create a SHR volume


We will see in this tutorial how to create a SHR volume on your Synology NAS. The SHR volume is the RAID management system created from any part by Synology. It is also recommended by the editor to use its SHR RAID to create your volumes under DSM.

How does SHR work?

SHR or Synology Hybrid Raid allows for 1-or 2-disc redundancy, i.e. it will be possible to lose 1 or 2 disks depending on the initial number. What is interesting with this type of RAID is that it is a mixture of several existing raids and depending on the number of disks the constituent, it will adapt and always be optimal.

For more information about this RAID, please visit the Synology site.

As part of the tutorial, we start from a fresh installation of DSM. So no volume is currently configured. From the DSM administration interface, go to the “Storage Manager” application.


Select “Volume” from the left menu and click “Create”.


Select “Quick” to deploy a default SHR volume and then click “Next”.


Select the disks. In my case I will create an SHR volume with a single disk (yes it is possible!!!). Click to continue on “Next”.


Click “OK”.


Select “Yes” and click “Next”.


Select the type of file system “Btrfs” which is also highly recommended in order to have the consideration of shared folders, quotas, snapshots, etc. .. (see information below). Then click on “Next” to continue.


Give a description to the Volume and click “Next”.


Reminder of the configuration, you just have to click on “Apply”.


Here we are on the information page of the existing volumes, your volume is currently under construction (Status: Creating File System).


Your first Volume is now created, you will have to wait a few minutes (see a little more) the time it is initialized correctly. If you enjoyed the article, feel free to comment on it or to share it.



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