[TUTO] – Office 365 : How to upload PST files to Office 365 – Microsoft Azure vs Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager

Storing email data on Microsoft Office 365 is a much safer option than simply keeping it in PST files on local drives. The PST file data, when stored in Office 365, is less vulnerable to corruption and is more easy to access from multiple devices. Meeting compliance mandates is also easier due to the retention, auditing and discovery features of Office 365.

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Windows 10 : End of support

Microsoft has officially announced the end date support of its next product. While Windows 10 is not out yet, Microsoft announces support end date of October 13, 2020 and an end extended support 5 years later, October 14, 2025.

The next product to see its extended support will end over Windows Vista, April 11, 2017, which I do not expect much restrictive for many users, given the lack of enthusiasm that the OS could raise …

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