[TUTO] – Certificate: How to deploy a root certificate by GPO

We will see together in this tutorial how to deploy a root certificate by GPO (Group Policy Object). It is for me one of the quickest and easiest way to deploy your certificates into your domain Active Directory Enterprise. We will focus on configuring a deployment of the certificates in the store “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” but this tutorial will work also for other stores such as:

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[TUTO] – SCCM 2012R2: automatically deploy the security updates and critical updates

For this new SCCM tutorial, we will see how to automatically deploy the security updates and critical updates to Windows Server 2012 R2. This tutorial is of course applicable to any type of server operating system or even customer. We will use the ADR or “Automatic Deployment Rules” to deploy all these updates. Using the ADR, we can automate and so to industrialize the deployment of our updates. Once configured they will be automatically deployed depending on the settings.

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[TSHOOT] – VSS Service: the VSS service used by the system restore does not work

Your VSS service no longer works correctly, and you receive the error message “the VSS service uses the system restore does not work”. It happened to me exactly the same problem and here is how I managed to solve it.

Reminder, Microsoft VSS or “Microsoft Volume Shadow copy” service can take snapshots of your Windows systems to ensure a certain consistency of data for backup applications.

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[TUTO] – Office 365 : How to upload PST files to Office 365 – Microsoft Azure vs Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager

Storing email data on Microsoft Office 365 is a much safer option than simply keeping it in PST files on local drives. The PST file data, when stored in Office 365, is less vulnerable to corruption and is more easy to access from multiple devices. Meeting compliance mandates is also easier due to the retention, auditing and discovery features of Office 365.

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[TUTO] – Powershell : send a mail in powershell

Today I would like to share a function that I use a lot and which is quite simple, but very useful, it’s the “Send-MailMessage”.

In fact as the title suggests the goal is to send a mail in powershell, I use including this function in my script to warn one or a group of persons for the purpose of a script, by example to confirm the creation of a user sent to the admins group or to send logs in case of success or failure of a script.

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[TUTO] – iPhone: Configure PPTP VPN on iOS

Yesterday I explained how to set up a VPN connection using PPTP with router EdgeRouter Lite from Ubiquiti.

Today, I will explain how to configure a PPTP VPN on iOS in order to connect to the VPN created previously. So you can have access to the remote network and depending on the performed configuration, you can also benefit from the remote public IP that will, according to your needs, access services located in France, if you are abroad.

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